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Citizen involvement in hospital health care needs is a tradition that began with Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gary in the late 1920s. The lack of modern hospital facilities in Macon County prompted the Garys to envision, build, and equip a hospital in Macon.

In early 1943, the judges of Macon County Court signed an agreement to take over the management of the hospital, and the hospital was officially named Macon County Samaritan Memorial Hospital. County voters passed a bond issue to purchase and maintain the hospital. Citizen support for the hospital throughout the county was reflected in a six to one majority vote for the bond issue.

As needs continued to grow and change, the vision to provide quality hospital care in Macon County led to a series of expansion and improvement projects over the years.

In 1963, a three story addition to the south end of the hospital increased the bed capacity from 25 to 36 beds.

A wing was added to the south end of the hospital in 1969, adding a kitchen, dining room, and additional patient rooms.

In 1972, the hospital was a 48 bed institution. At this time, an ambulance garage and elevator were added.

Further growth in 1979 provided a wing to increase space for labs, x-ray, emergency room, obstetrics and nursery, physical therapy, medical records, administrative offices, and a waiting area.

Due to the increasing demand in outpatient services, a new building was added in 1997. This provided much needed space for specialty clinics (including chemotherapy treatment), physical therapy, patient accounts and a wellness cednter for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. A new main entrance was also created, as well as remodeling and expansion of the existing laboratory, emergency room, radiology, and maternity department to accommodate future growth. In addition, some hospital improvements have been made possible through generous bequests from the estates of community minded residents.

Throughout the years, citizens have served as trustees for the hospital. The five trustees work with the hospital administration in making decisions that effect the hospital's operation.

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