BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING
                                                  January 28, 2014
                                                                      5:30 p.m.
Members Present:     Lynnette Long, Murrell Arnett, Patricia Knowles, Keith Maloney
Members Absent:      Rusty Neill
Others Present:        Bernard Orman, Susan Spencer, Jane Young, Dr. McDowell, Alecia Lassing, Sarah Middleton
The Samaritan Hospital Board of Trustees held their regular monthly business meeting on
January 28, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the Administrative Conference Room.
A.       Minutes from the November 12, 2013 Meeting
B.       Minutes from the December 27, 2013 Meeting
C.       Quality Improvement Report
D.       Accounts Payable
E.        Accounts to Attorney
Lynnette noted an extra heading at the bottom of the minutes that read Department Managers Share that needs to be removed from the minutes.  Keith motioned to approve the consent agenda with a correction to the minutes. Lynnette seconded and passed unanimously.
A.   MRI Update– Floor is complete. Window for control room is installed. Shielding is complete. Stud walls are up. MRI will be delivered mid March. MRI will be operational by mid to late April. The project is ahead of schedule.
B. Strategic Planning Priorities – Bern reviewed the 8 common needs listed by the work group and asked the Board to prioritize the list. Prioritizing the list will let groups be formed and exploration of the items to take place. Lynnette motioned to approve the four categories 1.) Growth 2.) Outreach 3.) Consider Collaborative Opportunities 4.) Culture of change for hospital personnel, as priorities from the strategic planning summary. Keith seconded and passed unanimously.
C. Other Old Business – Lynnette asked if we had considered LaPlata Pharmacy as a 340B participant. Bern stated that we would be happy to discuss the opportunity with them. We are currently working with Wal-Mart but hope to include the surrounding area pharmacies in the future.  SunRx our third party administrator can run reports to see if it would benefit the pharmacy and hospital to be a participant.
     Lynnette asked if there have been any issues with Samaritan no longer drawing Quest. Bern stated that we had one person that was unaware of the change. She had not been to the hospital during the 6 months prior. And there was one patient that thought the hospital was no longer drawing any labs. Other than those two encounters it seems to be going smoothly. The lab manager visited with both patients to discuss the changes.
A. Financial Report – Susan covered the financial report for October and November.
     October had a loss of ($67,870) compared to prior year net loss of ($23,915). YTD net loss of ($481,643) compared to prior year net loss of ($133,274). 
     November had a loss of ($49,180) compared to prior year net loss of ($37,027). YTD net loss of ($530,823) as compared to a prior year net loss of ($170,301).
     Susan also discussed the outstanding items for 2013. The auditors will be on site next week.
     Patricia moved to accept the financials as presented. Keith seconded and passed unanimously.
B.   Equipment Request –
·         20 Dell– PC’s $17,797.60
·         34 Thin Clients $15,345.90
·         Server - $26,034.00
Dictation / Transcription
·         BuscommSoftware Upgrade - $5,230.00
·         Server for System - $7,000.00
Defibrillators – Med Surg / Dialysis/ Surgery / Wellness
·         Zoll - $46,405.37
     Keith motioned to approve the purchases as listed above. Lynnette seconded and passed      unanimously.
C.   Medical Staff Report – Dr. McDowell reviewed the Medical Staff report from November 13, 2013 and January 8, 2014.
D. Medical Staff Applications – Renewals – Dr. Tobler, Dr. Buchert, Dr. Spaedy, Dr. Boyer, Dr. Tran, Dr. Kauffman, Dr. Hillard, Dr. Meyer, Dr. Monroe, Dr. Szarnecki, Dr. Dollins, Dr. Denise Freidel, Dr. Brad Freidel, Dr. Wright, Dr. Ravipudi, Dr. Rayburn, Dr. Corbett.
     New Application – Dr. Patel, Dr. Baumstark, Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Roy, Dr. McGarity, Leslie Steckel FNP.Keith motioned to approve the Medical Staff applications. Patricia seconded and passed unanimously.
E. HR Report – The 4th Quarter HR report was reviewed.
F. Public Participation – Alecia Lassing shared feedback with the board members pertaining to the Strategic Planning Session.
G. Other New Business – Jane discussed the new patient portal which will allow patients to obtain some of their medical information on-line. Samaritan is partnering with Relay-Health to be part of a data exchange which is a meaningful use stage 2 requirement.
With no other business Keith moved to adjourn the meeting. Lynnette seconded and passed unanimously.



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